Empowering families and individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities throughout Ohio.

Who We Are

The Family Resource Network of Ohio is here to help families by providing resources, tools, and trainings.

We use Charting the LifeCourse Framework to help individuals and families of individuals with developmental disabilities support each other in the pursuit of the good life. Together, we can achieve great things.

Charting the LifeCourse

Charting the LifeCourse Framework was created to help individuals and families of all abilities develop a vision for a good life, think about what they need to know and do, identify how to find or develop supports, and discover what it takes to live the lives they want to live. Individuals and families may focus on their current stage of life but may also find it helpful to look ahead to experiences that will move them toward an inclusive, productive life in the future.


Explore the principles that are the keystone for supporting a community of learning that champions transformational change through knowledge exchange, capacity building, and collaborative engagement.

Community of Practice

Partnering with families and stakeholders for lasting change in the systems that serve people with intellectual/ developmental disabilities.


Practical tools for planning, problem-solving and thinking about what you want now or in the future.


We want to support you in the best way possible through a variety of trainings, from basic skills to ways to organize thoughts and ideas, confidence-building and empowerment.

Next Chapter Book Club

What is the Next Chapter Book Club?
Small groups of people with developmental disabilities reading and hanging out in their communities.

We need volunteers to help facilitate our clubs.

Volunteer facilitators work in teams of two or three to support members as they read and build social skills. They also receive training and ongoing support. One volunteer says, “We have all become real friends and, to a great extent, have positively changed each other’s lives.”

Please reach out if you are willing to help.

Jillian Ober, Program Manager
285D McCampbell Hall, 1581 Dodd Drive, Columbus, OH 43210
614.685.6718 (office),  614.366.6373 (fax)


Expore the latest information and resources about Covid-19 for individuals and families with disabilities.