Family Resource Network of Ohio Testimonials

How County Boards of DD Can Use LifeCourse Framework

Brian Green Talks about Charting the LifeCourse Framework in Miami County

Paula Uses the Life Trajectory Worksheet

Sycamore Community Schools – Using Charting the LifeCourse Video Testimonial

Additional videos can be found at The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities YouTube Channel. Click here to access. 

“I just wanted to say thank you to the LC trainers at Synergy for allowing me to be open enough to explore the idea of my daughter driving.  We are now enrolling her into drivers education!”
– Mother of Young Adult

“I will try to be less controlling of my son.”
– Parent

“It’s not quite so difficult as learning a new language, but it was a new way of thinking for us. It was most definitely worth the time and effort, though, because now virtually every new experience, relationship, idea or plan Shannon encounters fits somewhere within the framework and is more easily assimilated into her life vision.”
– Mother of Young Adult

“I wish we had this info in the 60s and 70s. Re-emphasized my brother is more than his disability. I will work with J to plan for retirement and aging.”
– Brother of Adult with Developmental Disability

“This helps organize my daughter’s needs, wants, good life to advocate for her in team meetings.”
– Parent of Young Adult

“I will talk to my SSA and family about me using a computer”.
– Adult with Developmental disability

“I will think outside the box, we as SSA’s put/confine those we serve in.”

“It’s okay to tell people what I like.”
– Young Adult with Developmental Disability