Melane Barlow

About Melane Barlow

Melane Barlow, Family Resource Network Coordinator, is with The Ohio State University Nisonger Center, offering information and trainings in The LifeCourse Model. LifeCourse was created by families for families of individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. In addition to Charting the LifeCourse trainings, Mrs. Barlow is working to implement the Family Resource Network of Ohio (, which will aid families across the state in gaining access to resources, services, media, and products to better help them plan and pursue the lives that they desire. Mrs. Barlow brings experience as a teacher, advocate, math and literacy trainer and tutor, entrepreneur instructor, but most importantly, her role as a parent. She and her husband, Don, have two children. Their daughter, Hannah, is currently enrolled at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. Their son, Ben, who has Down Syndrome, is attending the Hope Center in Lancaster, Ohio, where he is involved in career exploration, academics, and daily living skills training.
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