There will be a clinical study occurring at the University of Cincinnati Emergency Department to explore an investigational treatment option for patients who experience prolonged life-threatening seizures. Due to the fact that these patients will be in an emergent situation upon presentation to the emergency department, we are consulting the community to engage, educate, and receive as much feedback as possible, prior to rollout.

Anyone interested in providing community feedback for the RESET study can use one of two methods:

1)  Complete an online survey through

2)  Joining one of our Focus Groups on September 26th or October 11th.  Sign up to participate in the 60-minute focus group can also be accessed on Participants will be eligible to receive a $50 gift card upon completion but space is limited.

[What is a focus group? A focus group is a research technique used to collect data through group interaction. Each focus group may have 4 – 5 participants, a moderator, and a representative from the community to explain the research study. Participants will have an opportunity to learn more about the study and will be able to provide responses to the survey questions electronically.]

To gather more information on the study, please reference our website at