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Over the next year, the Interagency Work Group on Autism is inviting Ohioans to join OCALI representatives for a series of discussions about autism.


Each discussion will focus on one “life domain” from Charting the LifeCourse. Using the life domains, we will talk about the current realities and imagine the kind of Ohio we want to create together to ensure Ohioans with Autism and their families live their best lives for their whole lives.


We encourage people living with autism, families/caregivers, community members, educators, health/human service agencies, policymakers, and others to join us for one or all of these conversations.

July 16, 2021: Daily Life & Employment: What a person does as part of everyday life–school, employment, volunteering, communication, routines, life skills.


September 17, 2021: Community Living: Where and how someone lives – housing and living options, community access, transportation, home adaptations and modifications.


November 5, 2021: Healthy Living: Managing and accessing health care and staying well – medical, mental health, behavioral health, developmental, wellness and nutrition.


January 21, 2022: Safety & Security: Staying safe and secure – emergencies, well-being, guardianship options, legal rights and issues.


March 11, 2022: Social & Spirituality: Building friendships and relationships, leisure activities, personal networks, and faith community.


May 20, 2022: Advocacy & Engagement: Building valued roles, making choices, setting goals, assuming responsibility and driving how one’s own life is lived.


All meetings take place via Zoom from 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Registration Required


Please register if you can join us: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEqf-6gqzMpHdD-HuAzdQMjv6jyHOlZ7sMX

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