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Gary Tonks, CEO and David Lewis, COO of The Arc of Ohio will provide training regarding Ohio’s Developmental Disability Waivers.

DODD Continuing Education Units will be available.

When: 3-5 pm.
January 22, 2020
Where: Bellefaire JCB
2201 Fairmont Blvd.
Shaker Heights, OH 44118

RSVP to: SteeleA@bellefairejcb.org

Participants will become familiar with:
1. The definition of a Waiver.
The history of how Waivers became available and the difference between a waiver and its institutional alternative.
2. The various waivers provided by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
Waivers are administered by various departments within the state of Ohio. This session will concentrate on the various waivers administered by DODD and other waivers which may be appropriate for individuals with other levels of care.
3. Location of Waiver Service Delivery
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have issued specific rules where waivers services may and may not be provided. The session will detail to those locations with guidelines.
4. Supports within each waiver.
Each waiver traditionally includes a menu of services/supports available. The session will review the available menu and how to access those services.
5. Self-Directed Services
Self-Directed Services are available within the SELF Waiver and are expanding to other DODD Waivers. Options and how to access Self Directed services will be reviewed.
6. Support Broker Services
The definition of Support Broker Services and the role of a Support Broker will be discussed.
7. Waiver Current Events
8. Due Process Rights associated with Medicaid and Waivers.
Rights associated with Medicaid and Waivers will be reviewed.

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