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Important Details:

Registration is FREE but all attendees must register by Sept. 20

Coffee and refreshments provided.

Feel free to bring your own Brown Bag lunch or option to purchase Box Lunch $12


This learning event for families and their allies is all about planning for and implementing a good life in community for and with community members with a disability. Firmly anchored in a principled framework with a practical, straight forward approach, this workshop brings together the elements that will make the most significant difference in people’s’ lives: purpose, value and connection in their neighborhoods and communities.

The workshop is based upon the belief that when our communities are able to invite, welcome and appreciate the contributions of its most vulnerable members, we all benefit. Communities need support to discover these contributions. Supporters need strategies to take action. Families need a framework in which to build successful opportunities.

During the two days, participants will:

•hear stories that will stretch their ideas of what is possible

•discover and understand the underlying principles that guide such stories (Social Role Valorization)

•learn and practice strategies to develop valued roles that bring about results

•apply the skills and ideas to their own lives and situations in practical ways

•deepen and develop their own story and approaches from wherever they start

•growing the story when time, energy, and resources are limited

•return home with stories, inspiration, strategies and ideas that work.

This hands-on practical event has been stretched over two days so that there is ample time for practice, planning, and polishing one’s own contexts that work. Starting with where you are at, we will find ways to make poor situations good, make good situations better, and shape a few situations to be the best. We will also explore good support strategies, developing natural supports, and have plenty of time to think about and work on your own examples and situations.

This is a learning event for families and supporters who are serious about exploring and discovering the opportunities for welcome, engagement, and relationship that abound within our communities. If you are in planning mode for transition years, concerned with ensuring your child is involved in meaningful ways with his time, or wanting to develop your child’s interests and potential, then this workshop might be just for you!

For more information, contact Good Life Networks at goodlifenetworks@earthlink.net

About the Presenter

Janet Klees has successfully created circles of support for people with developmental disabilities for more than 20 years as the Family Coordinator for the Deohaeko Support Network in Toronto. In that role, she helped families develop and operate a 105-unit housing cooperative where people with DD live in seven of the units. Klees also organizes supports for individuals and families in eastern Toronto and has authored two books about the housing co-op and ongoing support work in Deohaeko.

Klees will share her expertise about creating the best life possible for people with developmental disabilities. Topics include: benefits of network/support circle, planning for your loved ones’ place to life, and fears about community life.

Hosts + Sponsors

This event made possible by a contract between GLN and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. Hosted by Starfire.

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