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**Due to COVID-19 this event is Postponed to Jan. 31, 2021**

For questions please contact the Ticket Office at (937)228-3630 or visit their website 

Sunday, May 3, 2020

This production is great for all families, especially for children with an autism spectrum disorder, sensory sensitivity, and other special needs. You can expect a reduction of loud or jarring sounds, the absence of flashing or strobe lighting on stage, modification of house lights during the performance, and a judgment-free environment where all patrons are free to vocalize or move around the theatre. At no time will anyone be asked to leave the performance due to vocal reactions, movement, or behaviors related to cognitive/developmental abilities. A hip-hop revelation for the younger generation! Meet two modern-day hip-hop street performers, who bring the stories of the brothers Grimm to life with a contemporary urban spin, as they and a few of their friends turn records and dance circles around some of the most beloved and well-known fairy tales collected by the famous German brothers of old. These tales include R&B, pop, reggae and rap, with Run-D.M.C.-inspired rock and roll.

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