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The workshop will focus on promising approaches and strategies employed during the pandemic to address challenges faced by children.

About this event

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine’s Board on Children, Youth and Families will host a 3-day virtual workshop focused on Supporting Children with Disabilities, Lessons from the Pandemic.

Day one (June 13) will include panels focused on lived expertise, hospital and outpatient settings (including telehealth), and school and educational settings.

Day two (June 14) will feature panels focused on home care settings, state and federal policy, and health equity.

Day three (June 15) will include panels on public health and emergency planning and planning for recovery, as well as closing reflections from planning committee members.

This workshop is sponsored by the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration.

Additional information about the project is available here: https://www.nationalacademies.org/our-work/supporting-children-with-disabilities-lessons-from-the-pandemic-a-workshop


DRAFT Agenda

MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2022 [12:00–3:30 PM ET]

12:00–12:10 Welcome and Introduction; Amy Houtrow, Committee Chair

12:10–12:40 Lived Expertise: Children with Disabilities and Caregivers; Speakers to be announced

12:40–12:55 Questions, Answers, Reflections; Moderator: Emily Hotez, Committee Member

12:55–1:40 Panel Presentation: Hospital and Outpatient Settings – Telehealth; Alyssa Ware, Family Voices; Rebecca Shaffer, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital; Tina Smith, University of Florida Health – Jacksonville; Chris Stille, Colorado Children’s Hospital

1:40–1:55 Questions, Answers, Reflections; Moderator: Marc Tasse, Committee Member

1:55–2:15 Break

2:15–3:00 Panel Presentation: School and Educational Settings; Dr. Angel Fettig, University of Washington, College of Education; Dr. Karrie Shogren, Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities; Schiefelbusch Life Span Institute; University of Kansas

3:00–3:15 Questions, Answers, Reflections; Moderator: Natasha Strassfeld, Committee Member



TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2022

12:00–12:05 Welcome and Introduction; Amy Houtrow, Committee Chair

12:05–12:50 Panel Presentation: Home Care Settings; Dr. Carolyn Foster, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine; Children’s Hospital of Chicago; Dr. Rebecca Seltzer, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Berman Institute of Bioethics; To be announced representative, Caregiver Action Network

12:50–1:05 Questions, Answers, Reflections; Moderator: Chanda Jones, Committee Member

1:05–1:50 Panel Presentation: State and Federal Policy; Helen DuPlessis, Health Management Associates; Dr. Rishi Agrawal, La Rabida Children’s Hospital; Northwestern University; Shea Tanis, The University of Colorado; Dennis Kuo, University of Buffalo

1:50–2:05 Questions, Answers, Reflections; Moderator: Amy Houtrow, Chair

2:05–2:20 Break

2:20–3:05 Panel Presentation: Health Equity – Promising Practices; Dr. Molly Fuentes, Seattle Children’s Hospital; Dr. Kristin Sohl, University of Missouri- Columbia School of Medicine; Nanfi Lubogo, PATH–Parent 2 Parent, Family Voices of Connecticut; Dr. Kristina Lopez, Arizona State University School of Social Work

3:05–3:20 Questions, Answers, Reflections; Moderator: Yetta Myrick, Committee Member




12:00–12:30 Welcome and Introduction; Amy Houtrow, Committee Chair

12:30–1:05 Panel Presentation: Public Health/Emergency Planning; Dr. Denise Nunez, UCLA Health Preventative Medicine; Dr. Laura Stough, Texas A&M University; Margarita Hunnefield, Director of Programs & Services, CIL Jacksonville

1:05–1:20 Questions, Answers, Reflections; Moderator: Marc Tasse, Committee Member

1:20–1:35 Break

1:35–2:15 Panel Presentation: Planning for Recovery; Dr. Kristen Choi, University of California, Los Angeles School of Nursing; Representative of the American Academy of Pediatrics

2:15–2:30 Questions, Answers, Reflections; Moderator: Natasha Strassfeld, Committee Member

2:30–3:00 Closing Reflections; Moderator: Amy Houtrow, Committee Chair


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