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Practice Makes Progress- A choose your own adventure approach to self-determination and decision making. For Teens with DD AND their supporter/parent/guardian. Both sessions will be guided and we will work together in breakout sessions.

May 24 & 31 | 6:00-7:30 p.m.

• In our first presentation, teens and their supporters will learn about the importance of self-determination. Then, we’ll explore ways to gain more self-determination in our lives.
• In our second presentation, we will use the ideas we learned about and practice making decisions by using gamification (playing games to learn). Teens will work with supporters to navigate decisions in a fictional setting. Finally, we’ll discuss ways we can use our new skills in real life.

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Josh Young,
Director of Operations, Ohio Network for Innovation

Reasonable Accommodation 5 Days In Advance, Contact:
Debra Petermann | 614-575-8055 | dpetermann@disabilityempowerment.net

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