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This session offers for families to learn:

  • What is a STABLE account and how does it work?
  • What is a Special Needs Trust and is it right for your situation?
  • What are Pooled Trusts and what benefits do they offer?
  • How can a STABLE account be used in combination with a trust to plan a secure future?

The presenters are:

Laura Drake, Esq., is Southern Ohio Associate Director for the Community Fund Management  Foundation (CFMF) a nonprofit, tax-exempt (501c3) foundation that develops trusts, educational programs, and related services that enable people with disabilities to use private funds to enhance their quality of life while safeguarding eligibility for government benefits.

Doug Jackson is the Deputy Director of STABLE Accounts with the Ohio Treasurer of State. This office is responsible for the administration of Ohio’s STABLE program, which provides tax-advantaged savings and investment opportunities to individuals with disabilities without risk of losing means-tested benefits.

Planning a good life and financial security for your family member is easier and better if you don’t try to do it alone. Please invite at least one person to attend this session with you. You’ll learn more and remember more if you can talk with someone about it after the session!

There is no charge to attend this session. It will be held at the Hamilton County DD Services Kingsley Center, 5093 Kingsley Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45227.

In order to prepare materials, please register here: www.hamiltondds.org/trusts

For questions, contact: dawn.freudenberg@hamiltondds.org

This project is funded by the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council under the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act.

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