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Technology has influenced the lives of nearly everyone in one manner or another. Most of us take it for granted, perhaps not even noticing the extent to which our everyday activities are either completely reliant upon technological advancement or have just been made significantly easier. In an age where every year we are more integrated into a global digital society, it is imperative that people with developmental disabilities are not left behind.

Recent advancements in technology have created opportunities for people with varying disabilities to have greater independence, while living safer and healthier lives. We would like to host a special Technology focused Community of Practice. This will take place over multiple 1 hour sessions using an online platform; you can join from a computer!
We want for this Community of Practice to be guided by the audience. Topics for each session will be in response to your interests and questions discussed during the previous meeting.

For any questions, contact Julia Grant via email at Julia.Grant@osumc.edu. RSVP at the following website: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/community-of-practice-technology-tickets-53351094560

Community of Practice Meeting Agenda
January 16, 2019
6pm – 7pm
– Why is the topic of Technology important to discuss today?
– What is remote monitoring (aka remote support) and how is it used to increase independence?
– Technology related programs/services available in Ohio
– Discussion
– What technologies currently help people with developmental disabilities become more
– What is important about technology use?
– What about technologies do you find exciting?
– What are some technologies that you would be interested in hearing more about?
– What barriers exist to trying new technologies?
– What about technology concerns you?

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