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Aug 18, 2021 at 11:00am Pacific Time (PT)

As a Milestones Award-winning company, auticon recognizes that adults on the autism spectrum often have higher education in STEM and the talents for a career in technology. Despite this, many find it difficult to secure or maintain employment.


In this free webinar, learn more about career opportunities in technology for qualified adults on the autism spectrum.


auticon is an autistic-majority company, with over 200 autistic adults currently employed as software developers, data engineers, coders, QA analysts, and Salesforce Developers.


In this webinar, learn more about the types of candidates we hire, the skills we look for, and how to apply for a career at auticon.



Frequently Asked Questions


Where are the jobs located?

We are hiring for Central Ohio, Southern California, Utah, and remote.


Is an autism diagnosis required?

Yes. Candidates who are in process of getting a diagnosis can apply also.


What types of jobs are you hiring for?

We are currently hiring software developers, Salesforce Admins and Developers, Data Analysts, Cybersecurity engineers, and more; one year minimum experience is recommended.


What education or training is required?

A strong job candidate is not required to have college experience, but has knowledge of coding languages such as HTML, C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, .Net or similar skills relevant to work experience.


What is the job interview like?

We are sensitive to the anxiety and discomfort of traditional job interviews. At auticon, we conduct a low-stress, informal chat or phone call to learn about a candidates experience and ability to perform the job.


Is training provided?

Once employed, we provide access to up-skill training that will improve or enhance existing skills. We are not a training academy or school.

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Have questions? Contact us at info@auticon.us

Visit: https://autismworksinohio.auticon.us/careers/

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