FLASH lesson plans for special education provide an excellent array of resources for teaching individuals with disabilities about their bodies, sexuality, consent, relationships, and more. This FLASH curriculum provides 28 separate lessons in the form of PowerPoint presentations, for no cost. The lessons teach people with disabilities about a plethora of information that they may not otherwise learn, such as gender identification, self-esteem, friendships and dating, assertiveness, consent, different sexual acts, anatomy, STDs and STIs, pregnancy and parenthood, birth control, and other important topics. The variety of topics and lessons mean that the educator can speak on the topics that are most relevant to the individual(s). These lessons can be used for individuals within a very broad age range, depending on what is the most pertinent and appropriate for them to learn about.

The curriculum also includes an appendix, which includes special education resources, assessment tools, and other resources. Like the lessons themselves, everything in the appendix as free and available to anyone.

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