At Fun Factory Sensory Gym we design manufacture and custom-install sensory gyms in homes, clinics, schools, and hospitals throughout the United States. From learning about the space you have available, the design of your sensory gym, and the 3-D rendering of your space, (where you can see what your gym would look like in your provided location), to the installation of our custom products, our design specialists will create the most effective and efficient sensory gym for all your needs.

Our sensory gyms allow children to explore how their bodies respond to various stimuli and challenges within the environment and learn to process auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation, motor, and emotional development in healthy and fun ways. While using fine and gross motor skills, children with or without special needs learn how to regulate behavior as well as focus, concentration, and positive coping skills. Ages that can benefit from our gyms range from crawlers to teenagers with our standard equipment, but with adaptive accommodations, we can adjust and meet the needs of adults as well.

At Fun Factory Sensory Gym, our mission is to impact the lives of children through developmental and therapeutic sensory play. A vital goal at Fun Factory is to create a web of resources for parents to find supportive services for their children. We also pride ourselves in helping practitioners network amongst peers to aid in finding the most suitable programs and professionals for individuals in need. At Fun Factory, we are more than just gym installers, we provide valuable networks and resources to families and professionals in need. If you are a parent, therapist, or organization looking for a fun, healthy way for children to learn, develop, and grow, book a free consultation with our design team today to learn more about Fun Factory and your dream sensory gym.

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