Group Description

Asperger’s, Autism HF, Ohio — Welcome to our Greater Cleveland,(Cuyahoga County) Asperger Support Home page! We are a group of over 600 Northeast Ohio parents and caregivers of children affected by Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Development Disorder, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder and High Functioning Autism. Our membership also includes professionals specializing in pediatric neurology, psychology and psychiatry, counseling, occupational therapy and special ed law.

You can post a question or share experiences any time through this Yahoo e-mail forum and also participate in periodic on-line chats. You will also find information on local service providers, programs, seminars and social activities. We meet periodically over dinner to share experiences and trade information.

This is primarily a discussion group for parents and family members of affected children/adults. Membership by professionals is by invitation from the moderator. No solications, promotions or surveys are allowed;but your event can be sent to the list owner for consideration for our events calendar or website. Placement depends on cost to participants and other variables. For more information contact the list-owner via the contact information below.

Type of Resource
Community Living, Daily Life , Social