Next Chapter Book Club

We offer community-based book clubs for adolescents and adults with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our members (including some who cannot read) love books for the same reasons most people do.  They enjoy being transported to different worlds where they meet interesting characters, and learn about exciting new things.  Taking that journey with a group of friends makes it even more delightful and fun.

A growing number of organizations, including public libraries, social service agencies and parent groups – often working in collaboration with each other – are joining our Affiliate network and launching the low-cost / high-impact NCBC program in their communities.  They recognize that Next Chapter Book Club is a simple premise with profound implications.

With hundreds of clubs meeting weekly in North America, Australia and Europe – Next Chapter Book Club is the largest community-based book club program of its kind in the world.  We hope that every public library and developmental disability agency will consider offering this program in their community.

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