The Healthy Bodies Toolkit is a source provided by the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. This toolkit offers a booklet for girls and a booklet for boys about going through puberty as a child with disabilities. The resource are actually tailored more towards the parents of children with disabilities, in order to help them navigate their child through puberty. The programs contain information about anatomical changes, hygiene issues, how hormones affect the mind and body, sexuality/sexual urges, and appropriate relationship behaviors. These resources are best for pubescent-aged children, but could potentially be useful for anyone who needs more help in understanding sexual health.

You can either access this tool as a PDF document or as an interactive online course. Both of these formats are completely free; the PDF is accessible for anyone to download, and the interactive online course is available with a free account. There are also translations in Spanish and Turkish available on the website, and these resources are also free.

Type of Resource
Education, Healthy Living , Safety & Security , Social