The Healthy Relationships Workbook is designed to assist people with learning difficulties (namely IDD) to learn about how to engage in healthy relationships with others. While it was designed with the intention to be used by social workers, it is certainly a good option for parents and other family members/caretakers to use at home with individuals with disabilities. The workbook is written in very simple terms, with many pictures and activities so that individuals with IDD can engage in the material independently. The workbook covers a multitude of topics regarding relationships. It includes information about different types of relationships, what behaviors are appropriate with certain people/in certain environments, how to set boundaries and be assertive, and how to recognize when a person is not treating you appropriately. It is a great resource for people who may struggle to understand how to appropriately engage in social situations, who are at high risk of victimization, or need to know more about what a healthy relationship looks like.

This resource is completely free, and is available to download as a PDF from the website. The workbook can be used with anyone school age and above. Any individual with an intellectual or developmental disability who needs to learn more about relationships could benefit from the workbook.

Type of Resource
Education, Healthy Living , Safety & Security , Social