Tiimo is a digital planner app that can be used for a wide variety of tasks. The app is designed to be a simple, effective, and innovative solution for people who struggle to stay on task, need visual reminders, and need to plan out their day.

“The founders, Melissa Azari and Helene Norlem, asked neurodivergent adolescents about their needs and experiences as part of a research project that looked into how technology could support them in school. This research is how Tiimo started. Currently, researchers at Aalborg University in Denmark are looking at the effects of using Tiimo as a support tool, where Tiimo is used to measure the participants’ changes in mood throughout the day.”

Their mission is to:

  • Make life easier for people who need structure and visual support in their daily lives
  • Create positive change and social inclusion
  • Normalize assistive technology
Type of Resource
Daily Life , Healthy Living