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Drug Rehab Services operates an online substance abuse resource that has been helping people struggling with addiction for over 15 years. This is done through their regularly updated database of treatments and providing education to addicts and family members.

On it, you’ll find a comprehensive listing of every addiction service available in your state. People can search by county or city and have access to all the 70+ types of services in our database, such as treatment, prevention services, language-specific services, & age-specific services.

This website also has a number that connects an individual with a counselor who can help them find the best service for them, free of charge.  The great thing about this is that that number is not affiliated with anyone rehab center or organization, their goal is to help the individual find what addiction services are going to give the individual the best chance at success.

The goal of Drug Rehab Services is to help people who are affected by substance abuse and provide information to help with addiction prevention.

Drug Rehab Service’s website, Addicted.org, is HONcode Certified and provides reliable, transparent, and ethical health information.

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