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Safe Life Classes consist of a 12-lesson curriculum that revolve around safety within relationships, aimed towards individuals with a variety of disabilities. The lesson topics are as follows: 1) respecting yourself and others, 2) emergency preparedness and safe response skill, 3) feelings, 4) be aware of abuse, 5) communication for safety, 6) the human body, 7) information about abuse, 8) problem solving, 9) safety skills, 10) critical thinking for good choices and decisions / technology and good decisions, 11) healthy relationships, 12) rules and laws / consequences. These lessons all involve both classroom instruction and opportunities to practice new skills and apply knowledge. The content of the classes are varied in order to be age appropriate. There are 6 levels of classes, which are formed according to age (or relative ability level), and there are classes available from children as young as 3-6, all the way to individuals who are 18 or older.

Because these classes are individualized based on a variety of factors (age/ability level, educator or support person training, class size, method of instruction, etc.), the cost of these classes also vary.

This is likely a resource that would be most appropriate in a group program setting, because it is designed to be taught as a class rather than a single-person’s resource.

For more information about class types, cost, etc., contact the Safe Life project at, or (916)-996-2188. Curriculum can be purchased for online or in-person classes.

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